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Tatirano Social Enterprise

Clean water for everyone in Madagascar


We are a social enterprise called Tatirano* aiming to empower women and lift people out of poverty by ensuring long term access to clean water for everyone, everywhere in Madagascar.

We believe in a local service model that puts women at the centre of the problem that mostly affects them – the water crisis. We stand with the UN from 2010 in declaring access to water and sanitation a fundamental human right – yet a lot of people still lack these basic elements of life.

Flow diagram showing how Tatirano works and our feminist principles

By adopting a variety of rainwater harvesting techniques, we ensure clean water is available in schools, in hospitals, at homes and in communities.

Last week, we provided 34,529 people with clean water. How do we know? We keep a track each week of everyone that is using our systems and exactly how much is water is used.

So far, our systems have dispensed a total of 22,947,550 litres of clean, safe water.

We hope that by combining a business model with social aims, we can be flexible, responsive, ambitious and ultimately independent so that our organisation can always stand on its own two feet. This means we can install more systems, reach more people with clean water and help people lift themselves out of poverty: less time spent collecting water, less school and work days missed due to illness and more time spent on LIVING!

Donate to Tatirano: You can donate directly to our Malagasy bank account, or if you’re in Fort Dauphin, buy our treated water - every sale supports our work!

*Tatirano means “to collect water” in Malagasy.

Finished Tatirano tank with water point UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

1. New water infrastructure

This is a key element to reaching more people and increasing access to clean water across southern Madagascar. Our experienced construction team install simple yet precise rainwater harvesting systems at schools, hospitals and in communities, often with hybrid school-kiosk systems where the surplus water is sold to the community. This programme is paid for by donor funds.

2. Monitoring and Repair

Ongoing weekly monitoring, evaluation and repair of systems ensure proper functionality over time. We share all of our data online at STATIRANO for all to see. We hire local women to manage water systems and sell water at community kiosks. We are training a female construction team to manage all repairs and monitoring and this programme will be paid for by programme #3.

3. High-end treated water sales

Via our water treatment centre and with accreditation with the national laboratory, we sell treated rainwater via filtration and UV to generate profit. 100% of the profits made in this programme contribute towards programme #2 to ensure a sustainable model for ongoing functionality of all water systems. Eventually #2 and #3 will financially balance and be led and operated entirely by women.

4. Research and special projects

We are niching ourselves as the local social entity to use for all things water across southern Madagascar. We welcome world class universities from all over to partner with us in local passive desalination research; economic analyses of household willingness to pay for rainwater harvesting; water trucking community kiosks in arid areas and more. This programme is paid for by project-cycle donor funding.

What we do…

All of our projects are ongoing since we ensure that a system continues to function well over time. Every week our team makes a monitoring visit either in person or via phone to all of our social projects at schools, hospitals and community kiosks. The results of these monitoring visits are updated on STATIRANO each week for all to see!

A finished rainwater harvesting system at EPP Ambinanikely in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

Schools rainwater harvesting systems

We partner with the Ministry of Education at all levels to make sure that there is clean water available throughout school sites for handwashing and drinking. These systems often include a gravity-fed connection to a community kiosk which is managed by one of our Tatirano Agents. We install rainwater systems at a range of small and large, urban and rural schools. Here you can see a 10,000 litre Tatirano Calabash ferrocement tank that provides clean water to nearly 500 students at Ambinanikely Primary School in Fort-Dauphin.

Marketplace rainwater harvesting systems

As well as the Ministry of Education, we work closely with the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and the local municipalities to increase access to clean water in markets and other community places. These systems often collect rainfall from an enormous roof area and provide for a larger demand than that at most school sites. In this photo you can see a 20,000 litre Tatirano Calabash ferrocement water tank in the Farafangana marketplace that is managed by one of our longest serving Tatirano Agents, Madame Sylviane.

A 20,000 litre rainwater harvesting system pictured in a busy marketplace in Farafangana, southeast Madagascar
A passive desalination unit being developed at the Tatirano office in Fort Dauphin

Passive desalination research

Desalination is notoriously energy consuming and as such usually comes with a large price tag and complexity that is difficult to maintain over time. We are working with some of the best universities around the world and in Madagascar to build a low-cost, durable and efficient passive desalination unit made from locally bought materials. The aim is to target not only coastal areas in the arid, drought-stricken south of Madagascar (Androy), but there is also a huge amount of groundwater inland which is brackish.

Water trucking network in Androy

We believe in combining business and clean water to achieve sustainability. There is a huge willingness to pay for water in the south of Madagascar, yet this expensive water is often dirty and far away. The Baobab Network aims to install 20,000 litre Tatirano Calabash ferrocement water tanks in rural communities and deliver water via a water truck. The water arrives, is filtered by gravity in the community kiosk and sold at between 50% and 85% cheaper than the existing alternative, contaminated sources. The revenue will contribute to the water truck fuel and pumping requirements, as well as all other overheads to create a long-term business model that will continue to function and grow over time.

A water truck driving through an arid area in rural Madagascar

Other projects

  • Finished equipping ALL public schools in Fort-Dauphin with rainwater harvesting systems (2022).
  • Installation of rainwater harvesting systems at schools and hospitals in Vangaindrano and Farafangana, Atsimo Atsinanana region (ongoing).
  • Installing a new water treatment centre in Fort-Dauphin and planning a new site for Vangaindrano (ongoing).

Tatirano by numbers

34,529 people provided with water last week
45 female Tatirano Agents employed
22,947,550 litres of clean water dispensed
87 systems installed

Follow our progress live each week on our statistics platform, Statirano!

Our team

Tatirano Agents

Anosy region

VOLA Marcelia
VOLA Marcelia Tatirano Agent Ampasy Nahampoana
NANDRASANA Romaine Tatirano Agent CEG de Reference & EPP Befalafa
RASOANIRINA Francine Tatirano Agent CEG Mahatalaky
RAZAFITIANDRENIBE Tirisoa Rasoaritine Tatirano Agent CEG & CSB Soavary
SAY Elgine
SAY Elgine Tatirano Agent CEG Tanambao
Elice Tatirano Agent CSB Sarisambo
TEMASOA Harena Tatirano Agent EPP Ambandrika
Berthe Tatirano Agent EPP Ambinanibe & EPP Lohalovoky
FARAVAVY Florence Tatirano Agent EPP Ampamakiambato
MAHO Manjavasoa
MAHO Manjavasoa Tatirano Agent EPP & CEG Ankaramena
MIZA Rostoline
MIZA Rostoline Tatirano Agent EPP Andramanaka
RASOANANDRASANA Fleuria Tatirano Agent EPP Centre I/II
VAHA RASOAFARA Capistrine Tatirano Agent EPP Emagnevy
RAZANAMALALA Florette Tatirano Agent EPP Farafara Vatambe
LOVA Nomeny Ernestine
LOVA Nomeny Ernestine Tatirano Agent EPP Manafiafy
MIZA Zainomeny
MIZA Zainomeny Tatirano Agent EPP Manambaro
SOARIVONY Mary Tatirano Agent EPP Mananara II
RASOANOMENAHARY Sylvia Noellah Tatirano Agent EPP Tanambao
VOAHANGY Nirina Lodie
VOAHANGY Nirina Lodie Tatirano Agent EPP Tsagnoriha
RAZAFINDRAHOTIANA Jean Dieu Donine Tatirano Agent Fort Dauphin Marketplace
MINISOA Josephine
MINISOA Josephine Tatirano Agent La Plage de Monseigneur
FARAVOLOLONA Florette Tatirano Agent Lycee Technique
Dorolette Tatirano Agent Manantenina Marketplace

Atsimo-Atsinanana region

Landricia Tatirano Agent Ambalabe Marketplace
RASOAVINANTENAINA Emilie Tatirano Agent Ampataka Marketplace
BOZIVAONIRINA Arisenia Filamina Graciale
BOZIVAONIRINA Arisenia Filamina Graciale Tatirano Agent EPP Ambodiadabo
RAVELONIAINA Anjarasoa Marcella
RAVELONIAINA Anjarasoa Marcella Tatirano Agent EPP Ambalanomby
JANGANIRINA Lovanomenjanahary Judith
JANGANIRINA Lovanomenjanahary Judith Tatirano Agent EPP Fanantenana
MIHANGOVOLA Judith Tatirano Agent EPP Impitiny
AVITSARA Prisca Tatirano Agent Lycée Vangaindrano
RAMINOARISOA Nirina Sylvianne
RAMINOARISOA Nirina Sylvianne Tatirano Agent Farafangana Marketplace (Central)
TOJOMALALA Sandrinirina Augustina
TOJOMALALA Sandrinirina Augustina Tatirano Agent Farafangana Marketplace (Fish)
TAHINJANAHARY Jeanne Noela Tatirano Agent Mahabe Marketplace
RAVELOSOA Angela Clara
RAVELOSOA Angela Clara Tatirano Agent Mahabo Marketplace
BAOLORINE Cela Myrielle
BAOLORINE Cela Myrielle Tatirano Agent Manambondro Marketplace
RAZAINOROSOA Martine Tatirano Agent Vangaindrano Marketplace
Zafimamy Tatirano Agent Vohitrambo Agri-Association Kiosk

Androy region

Volasoa Tatirano Agent Ambovo-Toka Centre
Vesteline Tatirano Agent Ampary Baobab
Zevegna Tatirano Agent Ambaliandro Baobab
MAGNEVASOA Olga Tatirano Agent Andovoky Baobab
Zafelimby Tatirano Agent Ankorokosy Baobab
Tahirisoa Tatirano Agent Antavy Baobab
Monjely Tatirano Agent Bevezavo Baobab
RASOANOMENJANAHARY Zetty Tatirano Agent Zambey Baobab

Construction Team

Anosy region

RAMANANTSIADIANA Wilmin Fidelos Head of Construction
RANDRIAMAMPIONONA Emeligo Gerni Construction Team Leader, Anosy
TSAMBANY Emile Sebastien
TSAMBANY Emile Sebastien Construction Team Leader, Anosy
RANDRIAMANJARY Sheft Gregory Construction Team Leader, Anosy
TSAMBANY Bienvenu Construction Team Leader, Anosy
RANDRIANANTENAINA Juvence Construction Team Leader, Anosy
DAMY Gogo Construction Team Leader, Anosy
SOAMAROLAHY Joujou Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
TEMA Mameno Elphine
TEMA Mameno Elphine Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
HAINGONIAINA Christhela Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
RASOANANDRASANA Delicia Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
NAMANANDRAINY Herve Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
RAVELISOA Amelin Nixon
RAVELISOA Amelin Nixon Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
HERINIAINA Jean Claude Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
RAZAFINDRABARY Tovana Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
RANDRIANASOLO Fiareta Assistant Construction Team Leader, Anosy
RAZAFIMANDIGNY Chrisosia Repair Assistant, Anosy

Atsimo-Atsinanana region

FARALAHY Simplis Assistant Construction Team Leader, Vangaindrano
NOMENJANAHARY Natolotra Théodina Felicien
NOMENJANAHARY Natolotra Théodina Felicien Assistant Construction Team Leader, Farafangana
VELONJARA Josette Modestine
VELONJARA Josette Modestine Assistant Construction Team Leader, Vangaindrano
RAKOTOZAFY Njatotiana Fulgence
RAKOTOZAFY Njatotiana Fulgence Assistant Construction Team Leader, Vangaindrano
RAMANAMISATA Bepilanja Olivier
RAMANAMISATA Bepilanja Olivier Assistant Construction Team Leader, Vangaindrano
MAHERISOA Martina Assistant Construction Team Leader, Vangaindrano
MAHARETATIA Zafimaro Assistant Construction Team Leader, Farafangana
RASOAMAMPIONINA Eulalie Assistant Construction Team Leader, Farafangana
HERINIAINA Jhonny Sylvestre Stephanot
HERINIAINA Jhonny Sylvestre Stephanot Assistant Construction Team Leader, Farafangana
ROXIS Alex Alexendre
ROXIS Alex Alexendre Assistant Construction Team Leader, Farafangana

Treated Water Sales Team

HARENASOA Julienne Head of Sales, Marketing and Production
ANDRIAMANAMPISOA Maminirina Sitraka Sales, Marketing and Production Assistant
RAZAFINDRAMASY Séraphine Louise Sales, Marketing and Production Assistant
RASOAVONINIAINA Mame Clementine Sales, Marketing and Production Assistant
RAVAONOMENA Tirisoa Leontine
RAVAONOMENA Tirisoa Leontine Sales, Marketing and Production Assistant
ANDRIANARIJAONA Gold Alan Lizah Sales, Marketing and Production Assistant
NAFENO Fanomezantsoa Frida
NAFENO Fanomezantsoa Frida Sales, Marketing and Production Assistant
SOANAMBINE Florette Delivery Manager
MAHITASOA Daupheline
MAHITASOA Daupheline Delivery Assistant
SOJA Arnaud Dominique
SOJA Arnaud Dominique Handling Agent
SOJA Mahafeno
SOJA Mahafeno Guardian, Fort Dauphin

Office team

CHAPLIN Harry Director of Tatirano Social Enterprise
RAMAHERITIANA Andriamihaja Parson
RAMAHERITIANA Andriamihaja Parson Director of Operations
REHOTROZO Robison Maria Narindra
REHOTROZO Robison Maria Narindra Head of Human Resources
RAZANATSARA Hanitra Issana
RAZANATSARA Hanitra Issana Head of Administration and Finance
RATOMBOTSOA Felaniaina Melinda
RATOMBOTSOA Felaniaina Melinda Administration and Finance Assistant, Fort Dauphin
RAVAOARISOA Mariette Head of WASH Project
ZARINIATSARA Volamino Benjamin
ZARINIATSARA Volamino Benjamin Head of Akandray Jar Project
VOLOLONIRINA Patricia Community Liaison Officer, Fort Dauphin
RANDRIANAIVO Nomenjanahary Sambatra
RANDRIANAIVO Nomenjanahary Sambatra Regional Coordinator, Farafangana
RASOANOMENJANAHARY Innocente Administration and Finance Assistant, Farafangana
LAHA Mahaligne
LAHA Mahaligne Administration and Finance Assistant, Tsihombe
RAZAFINDREMANEVA Arthurienne Yvanà Marketing and Communications Manager
VOLOLONIAINA Nicaise Anita Head of Purchasing and Stock
RAZAFIMAMPIONONA Vololoniaina Zita Purchasing and Stock Assistant
JEAN Jacques Frédéric
JEAN Jacques Frédéric Water truck driver, Tsihombe
MAKA Mahasambatsa
MAKA Mahasambatsa Guardian, Fort Dauphin
RAMAMPIANDRA Clarion Stephano
RAMAMPIANDRA Clarion Stephano Guardian, Farafangana
RASOANIRINA Lalao Rogette Cleaner, Fort Dauphin
NOMENJANAHARY Franckline Cleaner, Farafangana
WOOD Daniel
WOOD Daniel Web Development Consultant

Monitoring and Evaluation team

RAFALIHARINIRINA Edia Head of Monitoring and Evaluation
RAVONIARISOA Lantonaina Theoderine
RAVONIARISOA Lantonaina Theoderine Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
SOJA Mampionona
SOJA Mampionona Monitoring and Delivery Assistant, Tsihombe
RAHARIMANITRA Béatrice Sabrina
RAHARIMANITRA Béatrice Sabrina Repair Assistant, Anosy
RANDRIAMIHOBY Todinirina Maurice
RANDRIAMIHOBY Todinirina Maurice Data Collector
ANDRIANTIANA Romario Data Collector

Board of Directors

Hasina Randrianjafy
Fenohasina Gita Randrianjafy President WASH Policy Specialist at WaterAid

Hasina Randrianjafy was born and raised in Madagascar, in the small town of Ambositra about 250 km from the capital, Antananarivo. Hasina won the Madagascar Presidential Scholarship in 2004 to pursue her education at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas where she earned her Bachelor in Environmental Science. Ambitious to contribute to Madagascar's development, Hasina returned to her country and started working at the Presidency of Madagascar, before joining a nickel and cobalt mining company called Ambatovy, an international joint venture established in eastern Madagascar.

Hasina's passion for water, sanitation and hygiene emerged when she joined WaterAid in 2014. She took a year out from her time with WaterAid to study for her MSc in Environmental Management from Kingston University London under the prestigious Chevening Scholarship. Six years after joining WaterAid, Hasina is currently Advocacy Officer at WaterAid in Madagascar, supporting local governments and civil society organisations to realise everyone's rights to WASH.

Dr Tsiry Angelos Andriamanampisoa
Dr Tsiry Angelos Andriamanampisoa Vice President Teacher/Researcher at Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo (ESPA)
Harry Chaplin
Harry Chaplin Secretary Director of Tatirano Social Enterprise
Joe Mamisoa Rakotonirina
Joe Mamisoa Rakotonirina Treasurer Management Consultant
Volatiana Claudia Tombotsiory
Volatiana Claudia Tombotsiory Advisor Director at ONG CARA
Marie Christina Kolo
Marie Christina Kolo Advisor Regional Director for the Indian Ocean of the NGO People, Power, Inclusion
Nancy Taussig
Nancy Arnot Taussig Advisor Senior Advisor, Global Philanthropy at Save the Children International

In July 2018, Nancy Arnot Taussig was appointed Executive Director of the Promise of Childhood Campaign. This campaign, launched in honor of Save the Children's centennial, aims to raise $100 million in funds to drive the charity's ambitions for the next 100 years and help make the promise of childhood a reality.

She joined Save the Children in 1996 and has since held the positions of Global Director and Associate Vice President of Foundations and Trusts, and Vice President of Resource Development, leading a team of more than 200 with nearly $300M in private revenue.

Throughout her professional and personal life, Nancy has committed herself to improving the quality of life for people of all ages. She currently is a Board Member of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Backcountry Medical Guides. Nancy graduated from The Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She earned top honors, and memberships into the Blue Key Honor Fraternity and Sigma Epsilon Phi. Residing in Larchmont, New York, Nancy is married with four children.

Cody Moolman
Cody Moolman Advisor Financial Advisor at Accelerant Holdings

Originally from South Africa, Cody is now based wherever he can get into the mountains quickly for a day's hike and some birdwatching. When he isn't exploring nature, Cody is doing some freelance financial service consultancy following his former position as Senior Manager doing the same at KPMG UK in London.

Having served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for SEED Madagascar, a UK based charity with operations in southeast Madagascar, he is thus able to draw on a varied background to provide support and advice to staff of Tatirano.

Dicken Chaplin
Dicken Chaplin Advisor CFO at Laika
Currently Chief Financial Officer of Laika, a software company in New York, USA and previously the CFO of Turbonomic, which was sold to IBM for $2Bn in June 2021. Dicken is an early stage investor-operator with deep domain experience in Enterprise Software. He believes that "great companies are built, not born" and loves partnering with entrepreneurs and teams to help build through the inevitable "S-curves" in the journey to success. It is exactly this experience that Dicken brings to Tatirano as the organisation looks to scale impact and financial sustainability.
Ilan Adler
Dr Ilan Adler Advisor Associate Professor at UCL, CEO at EcoNomad Solutions

Ilan works as a principal teaching fellow in Environmental Engineering Design at University College London (UCL), where he did his PhD in rainwater harvesting techniques. He is a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Enterprise Fellow as well as the Director for the MSc in Engineering and International Development.

He is founder and chairman of the International Renewable Resources Institute (IRRI-Mexico), an NGO specializing in the promotion of renewable energies and sustainable water practices throughout rural and urban areas in Mexico, and currently one of Engineers Without Borders' (EWB-UK) main partners in the region.

Through a number of start-up companies he has also been involved in consulting, design and implementation of appropriate technologies such as rainwater harvesting, biogas and solar systems. His publications include articles, short stories and children's books related to water conservation and environmentalism.


End Water Poverty SEED Madagascar University College London Ministère de l'Eau, de l'Assainissement et de l'Hygiene Royal Academy of Engineering Centre Medical de Fort Dauphin Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Clean Water Healthy Village Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Commune Urbaine de Fort-Dauphin Anosy Region Ecole supérieure polytechnique d'Antananarivo (ESPA) University of Strathclyde National Peace Corps Association British Embassy Madagascar Stop Hunger The Travers Cox Charitable Foundation MADLab Care Finance Green N Kool


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