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Tatirano Social Enterprise

Clean water for everyone in Madagascar


We are a social enterprise called Tatirano aiming to empower women and lift people out of poverty by ensuring long term access to clean water for everyone, everywhere in Madagascar.

We believe in a local service model that puts women at the centre of the problem that mostly affects them – the water crisis. We stand with the UN from 2010 in declaring access to water and sanitation a fundamental human right – yet a lot of people still lack these basic elements of life.

By adopting a variety of rainwater harvesting techniques, we ensure clean water is available in schools, in hospitals, at homes and in communities.

We currently provide 14,765 people with clean water every day. How do we know? We keep a track each week of everyone that is using our systems and exactly how much is water is used.

So far, our systems have dispensed a total of 3,672,283 litres of clean, safe water.

We hope that by combining a business model with social aims, we can be flexible, responsive, ambitious and ultimately independent so that our organisation can always stand on its own two feet. This means we can install more systems, reach more people with clean water and help people lift themselves out of poverty: less time spent collecting water, less school and work days missed due to illness and more time spent on LIVING!

Tatirano means “to collect water” in Malagasy.

Finished Tatirano tank with water point and smiling girl

1. Monitoring and Repair

Ongoing weekly monitoring, evaluation and repair of systems ensure proper functionality over time. We share all of our data online at STATIRANO for all to see. We hire local women to manage water systems and sell water at community kiosks. We are training a female construction team to manage all repairs and monitoring and this programme will be paid for by programme #2.

2. Treated water sales

Via our water treatment centre and with accreditation with the national laboratory, we sell treated rainwater via filtration and UV to generate profit. 100% of the profits made in this programme will pay for programme #1 to ensure a sustainable model for ongoing functionality of all water systems. Eventually #1 and #2 will financially balance and be led and operated entirely by women.

3. New water infrastructure

This is a key element to reaching more people and increasing access to clean water across southern Madagascar. Our experienced construction team install simple yet precise rainwater harvesting systems at schools, hospitals and in communities, often with hybrid school-kiosk systems where the surplus water is sold to the community. This programme is paid for by donor funds.

4. Special projects

We are niching ourselves as the local social entity to use for all things water across southern Madagascar. We welcome world class universities from all over to partner with us in local passive desalination research; economic analyses of household willingness to pay for rainwater harvesting; water trucking community kiosks in arid areas and more. This programme is paid for by project-cycle donor funding.

Our team

Tatirano Agents

RAZAFINDRAHOTIANA Jean Dieu Donine Tatirano Agent Fort Dauphin Marketplace
RASOAVONINIAINA Mame Clementine Tatirano Agent Fort Dauphin Marketplace
MINISOA Josephine
MINISOA Josephine Tatirano Agent La Plage de Monseigneur
TEMASOA Harena Tatirano Agent EPP Ambandrika
MIZA Rostoline
MIZA Rostoline Tatirano Agent EPP Andramanaka
RAVAONOMENA Tirisoa Leontine
RAVAONOMENA Tirisoa Leontine Tatirano Agent EPP Centre I
RAZANAJATOVO Larissa Tatirano Agent Farafangana Marketplace
RAMINOARISOA Nirina Sylviane
RAMINOARISOA Nirina Sylviane Tatirano Agent Farafangana Marketplace
ROJOTIANA Nomenjanahary Gastinah
ROJOTIANA Nomenjanahary Gastinah Tatirano Agent EPP Tanambao
Soeur Emma
Soeur Emma Tatirano Agent Saint Vincent de Paul
Florette Tatirano Agent EPP Farafara Vatambe
MARY Soarivory
MARY Soarivory Tatirano Agent EPP Mananara II
NANDRASANA Romaine Tatirano Agent EPP Befalafa
NOLINE Tatirano Agent EPP Tsagnoriha
RASOANIRINA Francine Tatirano Agent CEG Mahatalaky

Repair Team

HAINGONIAINA Christhela Repair Team (Part-time)
RASOANANDRASANA Delicia Repair Team (Part-time)

Construction Team

RAMANANTSIADIANA Wilmin Fidelos Head of Construction
RANDRIAMAMPIONONA Emeligo Gerni Senior Construction Team Leader
TSAMBANY Emile Sebastien
TSAMBANY Emile Sebastien Senior Construction Team Leader
RANDRIAMANJARY Sheft Gregory Construction Team Leader
TSAMBANY Bienvenu Construction Team Leader
RANDRIANANTENAINA Juvence Construction Assistant
DAMY Gogo Construction Assistant

Office Team

CHAPLIN Harry Director
TOVOHERY Antonantenaina Nathalie
TOVOHERY Antonantenaina Nathalie Admin and Finance Assistant
RAVONIARISOA Lantonaina Theoderine
RAVONIARISOA Lantonaina Theoderine Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
HARENASOA Julienne Treated Water Sales Assistant
RAZANATSARA Hanitra Issana
RAZANATSARA Hanitra Issana Procurement Officer
MANAMAGNILO Tira Julian Guardian
WOOD Daniel
WOOD Daniel Web Development


Nancy Taussig
Nancy Arnot Taussig

In July 2018, Nancy Arnot Taussig was appointed Executive Director of the Promise of Childhood Campaign. This campaign, launched in honor of Save the Children's centennial, aims to raise $100 million in funds to drive the charity's ambitions for the next 100 years and help make the promise of childhood a reality.

She joined Save the Children in 1996 and has since held the positions of Global Director and Associate Vice President of Foundations and Trusts, and Vice President of Resource Development, leading a team of more than 200 with nearly $300M in private revenue.

Throughout her professional and personal life, Nancy has committed herself to improving the quality of life for people of all ages. She currently is a Board Member of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Backcountry Medical Guides. Nancy graduated from The Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She earned top honors, and memberships into the Blue Key Honor Fraternity and Sigma Epsilon Phi. Residing in Larchmont, New York, Nancy is married with four children.

Ilan Adler
Dr Ilan Adler

Ilan works as a principal teaching fellow in Environmental Engineering Design at University College London (UCL), where he did his PhD in rainwater harvesting techniques. He is a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Enterprise Fellow as well as the Director for the MSc in Engineering and International Development.

He is founder and chairman of the International Renewable Resources Institute (IRRI-Mexico), an NGO specializing in the promotion of renewable energies and sustainable water practices throughout rural and urban areas in Mexico, and currently one of Engineers Without Borders' (EWB-UK) main partners in the region.

Through a number of start-up companies he has also been involved in consulting, design and implementation of appropriate technologies such as rainwater harvesting, biogas and solar systems. His publications include articles, short stories and children's books related to water conservation and environmentalism.

Cody Moolman
Cody Moolman

Originally from South Africa, Cody is now based wherever he can get into the mountains quickly for a day’s hike and some birdwatching. When he isn’t exploring nature, Cody is doing some freelance financial service consultancy following his former position as Senior Manager doing the same at KPMG UK in London.

He is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees for SEED Madagascar, a UK based charity with operations in southeast Madagascar. He is thus able to draw on a varied background to provide support and advice to staff of Tatirano.

Hasina Randrianjafy
Hasina Randrianjafy

Hasina Randrianjafy was born and raised in Madagascar, in the small town of Ambositra about 250 km from the capital, Antananarivo. Hasina won the Madagascar Presidential Scholarship in 2004 to pursue her education at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas where she earned her Bachelor in Environmental Science. Ambitious to contribute to Madagascar's development, Hasina returned to her country and started working at the Presidency of Madagascar, before joining a nickel and cobalt mining company called Ambatovy, an international joint venture established in eastern Madagascar.

Hasina's passion for water, sanitation and hygiene emerged when she joined WaterAid in 2014. She took a year out from her time with WaterAid to study for her MSc in Environmental Management from Kingston University London under the prestigious Chevening Scholarship. Six years after joining WaterAid, Hasina is currently Advocacy Officer at WaterAid in Madagascar, supporting local governments and civil society organisations to realise everyone's rights to WASH.


End Water Poverty SEED Madagascar University College London Ministère de l'Eau, de l'Assainissement et de l'Hygiene Royal Academy of Engineering Centre Medical de Fort Dauphin Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Clean Water Healthy Village Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Commune Urbaine de Fort-Dauphin Ecole supérieure polytechnique d'Antananarivo (ESPA) University of Strathclyde National Peace Corps Association British Embassy Madagascar Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Stop Hunger The Travers Cox Charitable Foundation MADLab Care Finance


All of our projects are ongoing since we ensure that a system continues to function well over time. Every week our team makes a monitoring visit either in person or via phone to all of our social projects at schools, hospitals and community kiosks. The results of these monitoring visits are updated on STATIRANO each month for all to see!


The team inspect one of the finished tanks at EPP Befalafa

EPP Befalafa, Fort-Dauphin

Public Primary School and Community Kiosk, 26,000 Litres | Installed 2021

Partnering with the Melzer Madagaskar Projekt in Germany, Tatirano tackled this enormous school with over 2000 students and a close-nit, densely populated community nearby. Two 10,000 litre tanks were installed and connected to recently built school buildings. The project also hugely benefited the school by entirely replacing one of the ancient school roofs and repairing a 6,000 litre tank. An extensive network of underground piping supplies over 11 taps, with 5 available at the toilets. Our brilliant Tatirano Agent, Romaine, couldn't read and write properly before taking on the challenge and with some help from other Tatirano Agents, she no manages the systems and sells water to the local community. Check out Statirano for more photos of one of our favourite projects so far!

View on Statirano

Haingo and Delicia next to the rainwater harvesting system in Tsagnoriha

EPP Tsagnoriha, Mahatalaky

Public Primary School and Community Kiosk, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2021

Partnering with SEED Madagascar again, Tatirano installed this 10,000 litre school-kiosk hybrid system at the newly built primary school in the rural village of Tsagnoriha. Continuing their training about rainwater harvesting installations and repairs, Haingo (left) and Delicia (right) were part of the team to complete this beautiful system providing clean water for over 300 people on a monthly basis.

View on Statirano

Mahatalaky CEG complex

CEG Mahatalaky

Public Middle School and Community Kiosk, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2021

Only 35 km (yet 2 hours by car) north of Fort Dauphin lies the town and commune centre of Mahatalaky. Despite a reliable small scale decentralised municipal supply of water in town, schools on the outskirts do not have clean water reliably on site. Teaming up with SEED Madagascar again, we installed a classic 10,000 litre tank and rainwater harvesting for the school's usage to improve hand hygiene during the school day and keep students healthy whilst at school. Madame Francine is the Tatirano Agent responsible for selling the water at the kiosk and managing the system.

View on Statirano

Female construction team working on new tank at EPP Ambinanikely

EPP Ambinanikely, Fort Dauphin

Public primary school, 10,000 litres + repair of 6,000 litres | Installed 2021

A product of a returned Peace Corps Volunteer's determination and belief in our mission, this repair of roofing and existing tanks combined with the installation of a new 10,000 litre tank provides clean water at multiple tap outlets all over the school site. This system is to be used solely by over 500 students and since it is in Fort-Dauphin, it is close by for our monitoring and repair team to keep an eye without a Tatirano Agent.

View on Statirano

Indian Ocean

Ultra high efficiency desalination research

We are working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) D-Lab and Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique d'Antananarivo (ESPA) to prototype and test some incredibly promising* passive desalination tech. Conventional desalination tech (using electricity of some form) is incredibly energy intensive and thus usually very expensive. However passive desalination (just using the thermal energy of the sun directly) is, until now, incredibly inefficient. We are building on some recent research on multi-stages in the device which increases the efficiency enormously. The ultimate aim is to create something local, useful and affordable for communities across the south of Madagascar.

*we say promising – none of our prototypes work…. YET! Watch this space!

Tank under construction in Farafara Vatambe

EPP Farafara Vatambe, Mahatalaky

Public Primary School and Community Kiosk, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2021

Buried in the Mahatalaky countryside, in a bowl of mountains, a new primary school was built by SEED Madagascar. Continuing our great partnership with SEED, we have installed another clean water source with a connecting kiosk for the community to use. Madame Florette is the Tatirano Agent responsible for weekly monitoring calls with our team, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosk.

View on Statirano

Handwashing station at EPP Centre II school

EPP Centre II, Fort Dauphin

Public Primary School, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2021

Teaming up with returned Peace Corps volunteers through the NPCA, we have ensured that this primary school in the heart of Fort Dauphin has water to flush toilets that previously could not be flushed and clean water for handwashing. Whilst there is no community kiosk here, Tatirano Agent Madame Leontine has taken over the management of the system since it is not far from EPP Centre I.

View on Statirano

Finished tank in FD Marketplace

Fort Dauphin Marketplace

Main Marketplace in Fort Dauphin, 20,000 Litres | Installed 2021

In collaboration with the British Embassy in Madagascar and the Urban Commune of Fort Dauphin, we installed a huge rainwater harvesting system with two kiosks and Tatirano Agents in the main marketplace of Fort Dauphin. Increasing access to clean water in busy, densely populated areas is critical to improving hygiene to fight a multitude of water borne diseases, let alone COVID-19. Madame Donine and Madame Clementine are the Tatirano Agents responsible for weekly inspection visits with our team, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosks.

View on Statirano

Children outside primary school in southeast Madagascar

EPP Centre I, Fort Dauphin

Public Primary School and Community Kiosk, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2021

The detrimental health effects of COVID-19 have had a devastating impact across the globe and in Madagascar the closing of the country and the barriers to aid and tourism have played just as important a role in hurting development. We teamed up with a group of Luxembourg female doctors to install a clean water source at this primary school to ensure handwashing during the school day. Madame Leontine is the Tatirano Agent responsible for weekly inspection visits with our team, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosk.

View on Statirano

Washing hands at one of Tatirano's handwashing stations during COVID-19 campaign

COVID-19 Handwashing: Tsihombe, Fort Dauphin, Farafangana

61 handwashing stations | Over 2.2 million pairs of hands washed 2020 – 2021

Following the WHO declaration of a global pandemic in early 2020, we teamed up with local officials and an amazing crowdfunding page to insert handwashing stations into the main busy areas of Fort Dauphin – marketplaces. Later in 2020, GIZ PrAda joined in and took it to the next level: over 5 months we employed 210 permanent staff, installed 61 handwashing stations across three towns in three different regions and recorded over 2.2 million handwashes with water and soap.

Map of handwashing station locations

Completed water tank and community kiosk

La Plage de Monseigneur, Fort Dauphin

Community Kiosk and Local Fishers, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2020

Working with GIZ PrAda, we installed a water source to supply fishers using the beach to improve hygiene. In the absence of another water source within a km radius, this has become an important community water point. Madame Minisoa is the Tatirano Agent responsible for weekly inspection visits with our team, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosk.

View on Statirano

Gigantic water tank in Farafangana marketplace

Farafangana Marketplace

Main Marketplace in Farafangana, 40,000 Litres | Installed 2020

Farafangana's central market is concentrated into one place yet before our project the thousands of market users had to share one small water point. Under the same project with GIZ PrAda and teaming up with the efficient Urban Commune of Farafangana, we installed two further water points that collect nearly 2 million litres of clean water each year. Madame Larissa and Madame Sylviane are the Tatirano Agents responsible for weekly monitoring calls with our team in Fort Dauphin, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosk.

View on Statirano

Tank with tap at Lycee Pole high school

Lycée Pole, Fort Dauphin

Public Secondary School, 20,000 Litres | Installed 2020

With the generous help of a determined Peace Corps volunteer (expatriated back to the US due to COVID-19), we installed a large rainwater harvesting system at Fort Dauphin's largest public school. The system not only provides multiple water points throughout the school site to improve hygiene during the school day for 1,300 students, but also saves the school money on their water bills.

View on Statirano

Schoolchildren at a rural school with a Tatirano tank

EPP Mananara II, Mahatalaky

Public Primary School and Community Kiosk, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2020

Mananara II is a village hidden amongst the mountains, deep river beds and wide paddy fields in the Mahatalaky Commune. Teaming up with SEED Madagascar again, we installed a system on the new primary school. Madame Mary is the Tatirano Agent responsible for weekly monitoring calls with our team in Fort Dauphin, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosk.

View on Statirano

Catholic church in Tsihombe, Androy, Madagascar

Saint Vincent De Paul, Tsihombe

Church, Community Social Centre, Catholic School, 1,619m2 | Installed 2020

Tsihombe sits in the heart of the aridlands of the Androy region in the dead centre of South Madagascar. The region is famous for desert landscapes and peculiar cacti octopus plants due to a distinct and long dry season, unlike the regular rainfall of the east coast. Working alongside the inspirational Sisters of the Catholic Church, we ensured that existing tanks were repaired and gutters were connected so to make the most of the rainfall when it does arrive for four months of the year. Whilst there is no community kiosk, Soeur Emma plays the role of Tatirano Agent to manage and report on the system each week.

View on Statirano

Finished tanks at EPP Tanambao

EPP Tanambao, Fort Dauphin

Public Primary School and Community Kiosk, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2020

Tanambao is one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in Taolagnaro. The primary school has 1,400 students from 3 years to 17 years old. In the absence of a reliable water source on site, students weren't washing hands during the school day. We teamed up with Stop Hunger to install two 5,000 litre rainwater tanks and a community kiosk. Madame Rojo is the Tatirano Agent responsible for weekly inspection visits with our team, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosk.

View on Statirano

Rainwater harvesting system at Ambandrika school in Sainte Luce

EPP Ambandrika, Sainte Luce, Mahatalaky

Public Primary School and Community Kiosk, 20,000 Litres | Managed from 2020

This system was installed in 2016 by SEED Madagascar to prove the concept of rainwater harvesting in southeast Madagascar. Originally under the management of an unreliable and non-financially sustainable water committee, we took control of the management and repair of the system in early 2020. Madame Harena is the Tatirano Agent responsible for weekly monitoring calls with our team in Fort Dauphin, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosk.

View on Statirano

Custom plastic bladder tanks in the Tatirano office

Private Household Bladder Tanks

500 Litre and 1000 Litre Flexible Bladder Tanks

We design and manufacture bespoke low-cost “hanging&rquo; bladder tanks that can give families the option of off-grid water supply in Fort Dauphin. This programme is dormant but has huge potential to provide affordable off-grid water solutions to a growing population in high rainfall Madagascar.

Tank under construction at Andramanaka school in rural Mahatalaky

EPP Andramanaka, Mahatalaky

Public Primary School and Community Kiosk, 10,000 Litres | Installed 2019

Andramanaka is a large village of 1,700 people set a five-hour dirt-road ride away from Fort Dauphin. Teaming up with SEED Madagascar again, we installed our first 10,000 litre ferrocement calabash tank and accompanying community kiosk model. Madame Rostoline is the Tatirano Agent responsible for weekly monitoring calls with our team in Fort Dauphin, managing the system and selling surplus water at the community kiosk.

View on Statirano

Centre Medical water tanks and solar panels

Centre Médical, Fort Dauphin

Medical Centre, 20,000 Litres | Installed 2019

This private hospital bases its philosophy on the story of Robin Hood – taking from the rich and sharing with the poor. We installed 20,000 litres of capacity across three rainwater harvesting systems with a total collecting potential of over 500,000 litres of clean water each year. With varying reliability of municipal supply, this rainwater harvesting system doubles as water storage to ensure that the 500 patients a month have a clean and hygienic medical centre to use.

View on Statirano

Upcoming projects

Filtration Kiosks in Tsihombe Town Centre

Partnering with the Catholic Church in Tsihombe again and supported by funding from Catholic Relief Services, we will install a business model based on six 2,000 litre filter kiosks and a water truck in the arid Tsihombe town.

Remaining schools in Fort-Dauphin

We are working hard with the District and Regional Level Education Ministries to ensure that every school in Fort-Dauphin has reliable and convenient access to clean water over time.

Water Trucking Network in Rural Tsihombe District

Six 20,000 litre tanks strategically situated throughout rural Tsihombe district will provide clean water to thousands of people in the drought stricken region of Androy. Water sales at kiosks, whilst cheaper than alternative water deliveries, will still maintain a durable business model.

Large marketplaces along the East Coast of Atsimo Atsinanana

Following the success of the marketplace systems in Farafangana and Fort-Dauphin, we are aiming to tackle the region with the worst access to clean water in the whole of Madagascar: Atsimo Atsinanana. We intend to begin installing large rainwater harvesting systems in 10 large markets.


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